Nutrition and production

1. Modelling Programmes in the stage of the Pig Fattening

Strategies based on the nutritional programme design adapted to the client’s production sysytem and genetic profile.

  • Determination of the genetic potential of the animals.

Periodical measurements during the fattening phase: medium feed intake determination  in each period (M.F.I), medium weight gain (M.W.G.) and conversion index (C.I.).

  • Data processing.

Getting protein deposition,  intake (consumption) and Lisyne/ Energy relation curves

  • Nutritional Programme Design.

Distribution of the feed types and their nutritional characteristics.

2. Breeding Sow Caracterization to establish more adequate nutritional programme.
Breeding sows’ body condition optimization in order to look for the maximum profit based on their productivity.
Breeding sows’ backfat thickness measurement in diferent stages of their production cycle in order to determine their needs and develop more efficient nutritional strategy.

3. Monitoring Programme and Production Optimization
Veterinary specialists in the production of each of the animal species who Tecnología & Vitaminas develops its activity with

Nutrition and production

Adjusted production

Adjusted production

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