Vanguard production

TECNOLOGIA & VITAMINAS has an outstanding manufacturing system which allows obtaining and ensuring a high quality product based on the maximum adaptability for each client.

Unlike a conventional manufacturing process wherein the mixture is transported through various circuits Tecnovit manufacturing system permits to transfer the mixture in separate containers, avoiding any possibility of cross contamination. We have a series of containers identified by a microchip and some tumblers with a rotating system where the containers are set to carry out the mixture.

The raw materials used to manufacture a product are dosed with the maximum accuracy before being incorporated into the container. The container is introduced into the tumbler which makes a mixing that is adapted to the nature of each composition thus obtaining the final product completely homogenous.

Finally, this container is transported to the packaging area for the packing and conditioning of the final product.

Due to the exclusive usage of the containers for each productive line, our strict analysis and critical point quality control Tecnovit ensures the  in its products.

absence of cross contamination

We focus on the personalized service, the maximum adaptability to every client is reflected in two different ways in our manufacturing system: through the special production lines and the packaging flexibility.

In Tecnovit we make possible special production, by this we mean those manufactures that require completely separate production lines, independent from our standard lines. Among those we include ecologic production, the production adapted to the Halal rite or productions for pet animals, etc.

Certificación de calidad ECO

The packaging flexibility is fundamental for our company. We adapt the final product to a wide variety of presentations. Aluminium bags, sacks of specific characteristics, big-bags, cans, bottles,… everything with a variable capacity range and the customer’s demand presentation, offering the design choice to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Production system
Independent containers

Adjusted production

Adjusted production

Tecnovit present two standard production lines, products in powder and liquid. Discover the exclusive use of containers as the product being manufactured.

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CDTI Development

The Center for Industrial Technological Development (El Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) is a Public Enterprise under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness which promotes the innovation and technological development of Spanish companies.