Control de calidad

TECNOVIT has its own lab situated in the factory in Alforja. The lab staff is highly qualified and specialized. The laboratory has advanced technology machines and device necessary to perform various analytical methods in order to carry out quality control as well as to realize R+D+i


  • According to the Quality Control Plan of our company the tests of our raw material, intermediate products and finished products are carried out by means of the wet diagnostics and/or NIR


  • We also make tests of new products on a small scale, this way we can study the product homogeneity in order to optimize the mixing time.
  • Close collaboration in I+D+i of the Technical and Production Departments.


  • Our clients’ raw material, feed and water analysis, by means of the wet diagnostics and/or NIR
  • Granulometry tests
  • Mixed feed homogenization study
  • Cross contamination controls


We apply the N.I.R. technology to get fast and reliable results. The wide range of database obtained by means of the wet diagnostics constantly “feeds” the calibrations.
Tecnovit has a wide range of calibration lines of raw materials, premixes and finished feed for all animal species.

  • Forage and silage analysis and interpretation
  • Advice and Quality Control Plan on our clients’ farms and plants.
  • Advice on the implementation of HACCP and safety systems and food quality.
  • Formulation matrix evaluation and adaptation to the real valoration of the clients’ raw material.


Quality control

Adjusted production

Adjusted production

Tecnovit present two standard production lines, products in powder and liquid. Discover the exclusive use of containers as the product being manufactured.

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The Center for Industrial Technological Development (El Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) is a Public Enterprise under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness which promotes the innovation and technological development of Spanish companies.