Tecnología & Vitaminas, S.L. participates in an Industrial PhD belonging to the project ‘Nutritional strategies for the improvement in the productive performance: use of functional feeds and health diets in aquaculture’ (DIETAplus), in collaboration with Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

This kind of projects are carried out in the strategic framework of a company and, at the same time, in a research group, with the aim of elaborating a PhD thesis within the framework of the Plan de Doctorados Industriales de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

In aquaculture, there is a growing necessity of maintaining the health and welfare of fish, due to the intensification of the production systems and the development of a business model which is sustainable and respected by consumers. In relation to this, there is a special interest in finding alternative methods to the use of chemical products for the prevention of pathologies and physiological dysfunctions of fish, processes that affect the productive performance. For all this, the project within which the Industrial PhD is carried out, has the aim of developing, standardizing, and implementing functional and health diets that can improve the general condition of the animals, their resistance against pathogenic agents and during stressful periods, as well as the improvement of the final product quality.

Health diets include ingredients/additives with functional properties on the organism, so it is necessary to evaluate, validate, and standardise additives for their inclusion in functional feeds for the different phases of the fish production.
During the performance of the Industrial PhD, the inclusion of different additives in fish feeds will be evaluated in order to establish their adequate level of inclusion and mechanism of action based on their effects on the productive performance and immunological response of fish. The inclusion of combinations of additives with possible synergism in feeds will be also assessed. With all this, we expect to be able to contribute in the progress of the use of additives in fish nutrition, the final goal being the development and improvement of the currently used aqua feeds.

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Tecnovit continous doing reserch in order to improve the health and the welfare of the animals.


Adjusted production

Adjusted production

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