Farm research and technology

TECNOVIT decides to carry out a project of a high-tech pig Farm as a response to its concerns in investigation, development and innovation of new products. The impulse to realize it was the possibility to evaluate in situ the results obtained in practical tests.

The Farm has got:

    • Capacity for 300 animals
    • Transition room with 16 pens, 20 animals per pen
    • Fattening room with 24 pens with the capacity of 16 animals per pen
    • Automatic temperature, humidity and ventilation control
    • Possibility to test up to 4 different feed types simultaneously, as there are two machines with two feed lines each
    • Scales for weighing the animals individually or in groups
    • Back fat measurement at each fattening period
    • Control and monitoring of the amount of feed and drinking water consumed daily
    • Slurry reduction system to minimize environmental impact and reduce odours

In every moment during the design of the farm the strictest conditions of biosecurity and animal health were respected, ensuring the animal welfare.

The farm allows testing for multiple purposes:

  • Evaluation of the additives, alone or in combination (plants, natural products, enzymes, acids, essential oils, aromas, prebiotics, probiotics,…) to improve the production performance, sanitary state and digestibility.
  • Experiences with new diets for piglets after weaning and evaluation of their effect on the subsequent growth.
  • Feeding plan studies optimized for each genetics, and the subsequent analysis of the carcass performance, meat quality, etc.
  • Studies to improve the animal welfare, stress reduction, lowering of environmental impact.

The planning, implementation and execution of research points surging from our technicians and clients enable the development of new alternatives to achieve productivity improvements in the pig sector.

The primary mission of the farm is to contribute to R+D+i of TECNOLOGÍA & VITAMINAS.

Research and technology
Fattening room
Transition room

Adjusted production

Adjusted production

Tecnovit present two standard production lines, products in powder and liquid. Discover the exclusive use of containers as the product being manufactured.

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