The pig production  continues to present significant challenges to all intermediaries in the value chain.

In the recent years we have witnessed constant improvements of different variables that are involved in the pig production. Important advances in genetics that affect both breeders and fattening animals allow to reach zootechnical and economic results which are clearly superior to those we saw some time ago. Obviously we should consider other variables such as facilities, management and animals’ health which have also been improved.

Animal nutrition is still the variable with the greatest impact on the cost structure of the pig production. The development of better strategies for each productive stage will permit to improve the efficiency in the final results. 

Tecnologia & Vitaminas has a team perfectly adapted to the demands of the global pig production, providing a comprehensive view of all stages.

Nutritionists and specialists in swine production consistently receive a vision of the current situation in the global pig production.

The experience and the proximity to the pig producers allows to create efficient working groups with high performance in achieving the aims.

The design of more eficient feeding programmes for every productive stage is the main challenge for our technicians.

Currently, the breeding sows require the nutrition adapted to their needs due to their high productive rates.

The current genetic lines, more prolific than before, could compromise the results if the sows do not receive necessary nutritional programmes.

Tecnología & Vitaminas is able to  optimize the results having studied the breeders’ characteristics in their definite production system (facilities, handling, production level, etc... ).

We adapt the nutrition to your production system taking into account your breeding sows’ characteristics. The nutritional programmes for piglets permit them to arrive at the fattening in better conditions to meet their rapid growth.

NORPIG is the result of the constant improvement  which Tecnología & Vitaminas seeks for when confronted with the different challenges on this productive stage.

Different protein vitamin mineral complexes are constantly being tested for the manufacture of the feedstuffs for these early ages.

Our experimental farm in Alforja lets us control totally the validation of the tests hold on it. Our specialists generate the information necessary to develop the protein vitamin mineral complexes adapted to the piglets’ needs.

In the same way we proceed in the fattening stage, continually experimenting our products before placing them on the market in order to achieve the maximum performance of the animals.
Tecnología & Vitaminas develops strategies for the swine production, depending on its experience and the compromise with the results.

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Adjusted production

Tecnovit present two standard production lines, products in powder and liquid. Discover the exclusive use of containers as the product being manufactured.

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