Liquid solutions


Name Composition Indication Species
ACITEC LIQUID Formic acid, ammonium formate, acetic acid, propionic acid, and cupric sulphate Decrease water pH, reduce biofilm formation, and improve digestion and intestinal health Poultry and swine
CRYPTOTEC Active carbon and formic acid Prevent and treat the cryptosporidiosis parasitism Ruminants
GLUKOSE LIQUID Glycerol, monopropylene glycol, sodium propionate, methionine, and biotin Prevent and treat the ketosis syndrome Ruminants
HYDRACID-B Glycerides of butyric acid, propionic acid, and ammonium propionate Ensure an optimal absortion of nutrients Poultry and swine
HYDRATEC LIQUIDO Magnesium oxide, sucrose, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and trace elements Stabilize fluid and electrolyte balance Poultry
HYDROCAP-AA Caprylic and capric fatty acids and triglycerides, and essential oils Ensure a good intestinal health Poultry and swine
HYDROCAP-R Eucalyptus essential oil and thymol Prevent respiratory problems and heat stress All species
PROFOR-A Propionic acid, ammonium formate, and formic acid Prevent fungal and bacterial contamination of raw materials and feed All species
PROHEPA LIQUID Sorbitol, carnitine, choline chloride, and methionine Prevent and treat liver dysfunctions All species
TECNOVIT MIN-AQ Phosphoric acid, magnesium oxide, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, and trace elements Prevent skeletal abnormalities, eggshell problems and negative effects of heat stress Poultry
TECVIT AD3E Vitamin A, vitamin D3, and vitamin E Prevent reproductive disorders or developmental defects due to liposoluble-vitamin deficiencies All species
TECVIT AMINO PLUS Amino acid and vitamin complex Correct imbalances and nutritional deficiencies All species
TECVIT PLUS Vitamin A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, K3, panthenol, inositol, and choline chloride Correct imbalances and nutritional deficiencies All species
TECVIT SE Vitamin E and sodium selenite Prevent encephalomalacia in poultry, white muscle disease in lambs and calves, and mulberry heart disease in swine All species

Adjusted production

Adjusted production

Tecnovit present two standard production lines, products in powder and liquid. Discover the exclusive use of containers as the product being manufactured.

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