On Thursday April 28, Tecnovit attended the second edition of the Livestock Forum in Barcelona. The aim of the organizers of this new congress was to continue analyzing the different challenges that currently exist in the field of animal production and the new lines of work to be followed to meet the current and future demands of the market. For this, the day was divided in two colloquiums in which high level international experts of each scope participated with the objective of offering different points of view of the same problematic.

The morning session was dedicated to precision farming and in it various technological advances for the appliance at a farm level were exposed. Tomas Norton, a professor of the University of Louvain, Belgium, presented various sensors for the data collection on a farm, among which there could be highlighted cameras to control the spatial arrangement of the animals, their temperature, body condition and the presence of respiratory symptomatology. Furthermore, J. Y. Dourmad, a researcher from IRNA, France, presented the productive results obtained through the application of precision nutrition in fattening pigs with respect to a traditional diet and nutrition. This session was closed by Carlos Piñeiro from Pig Experimental Center of the PigCHAMP Pro Europa SL in Segovia, Spain, who emphasized the importance of collecting data of all kind at a farm level in order to be able to combine them with each other and to anticipate the occurrence of diseases in animals.

In the afternoon session, the theme of animal welfare was focussed as the most important point of concern of the current society regarding animal production. The colloquium was begun by Donald Broom, a professor of the University of Cambridge, England, who introduced the concept of sustainable animal production, considering the economic, social, animal welfare and environmental sustainability of animal production. Dan Weary, a professor of the University of Columbia, Canada, denied the popular myth of the high level of animal welfare on small farms of dairy cattle presenting comparative results on animal welfare of animals installed in large and small farms. The session was closed by Toni Dalmau, a researcher from IRTA, Spain, who presented a tool for objective evaluation of animal welfare in pigs that can be used by farmers or technicians of any kind.
Both the morning and afternoon sessions triggered an interesting debates among the speakers in which some of the audience also participated, thus enriching the technical training of the congress.

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Tecnovit hopes to take advantage of its assistance at the Livestock Forum and expects to be present at the next editions.

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